Angola Foreign Minister on resolution of conflicts in Africa

Luanda, 01/09 - Foreign Minister Jo=E3o Miranda Thursday said that one of the priorities of the Angolan diplomacy for 2003 is to contribute for peaceful resolution of conflicts in Central África.
"We must privilege the conquest of peace in our African Central region and make sure that wherever there are problems affecting peace, they are solved in a peaceful way", the Minister told his staff at a new-year greetings ceremony in Luanda.

According to Jo=E3o Miranda, in the African continent still exist many regions affected by civil war. "It is our concern that these conflicts be resolved through dialogue. This is the principle behind our external policy", he stressed.

He said thunderguns should be replaced by voices of sane men, and added that, "by backing this principle, we are definitely giving a meaningful contribution for world peace, and we can not abdicate from this principle", he underlined.

He also referred the fact that, despite the end of the cold war, the world still lives a worrying situation, instead of co-ordination of efforts meant to solve regional focus of tensions and move decisively toward social well-being at planetary level. "Regrettably it is not happening", he said.

"We turned up at the Security Council at a time of this entanglement, therefore, with our modest contribution, we should defend the principle that the world must be fair for everybody", Jo=E3o Miranda voiced at a ceremony intended for Directors and Heads of Departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To him, for justice to be equal it is necessary that the Security Council exherts its universal competency of driving or handling world peace.

"We believe that, by doing so, we can avoid major problems that can affect the entire humanity", said the Angolan chief diplomat, adding that, in the ambit of internal activities for 2003, the ministry will give priority to peace consolidation.

To reach this goal, the Minister defended the need of social reinsertion of displaceds and war victims, aiming the nation's development.

On this last point (development), Jo=E3o Miranda fingered out the rehabilitation of economic and social infrastructures destroyed by the ended war.

According to the Minister, the contribution of his ministry will be in the sense of relaunching international cooperation, bringing public and private investments into the country.

"This is the main mission in the field of economic diplomacy, which is now one of the great priorities for 2003", the Minister concluded. (Source: ANGOP)