Angola: Ex-UNITA soldiers will benefit from professional training

Benguela, 01/10 - Twenty thousand and 283 ex-UNITA soldiers concentrated in the five resettlement areas of Benguela will benefit during the first quarter of this year of professional training courses, in the ambit of the "Citizenship and Employment" project.
According to the provincial director of Public Administration, Employment and Social Security (MAPESS), Jorge Francisco Dambi, the project foresees endowing basic knowledges to domobilized soldiers in different posts, envisaging their social and productive reintegration.

The "Citizenship and Employment" plan has two ways, namely the "we are with you" and "come with me" programmes, and has courses in the sectors of Agriculture, carpentry, electricity, within others.

The provincial director of MAPESS informed that the start of the courses only awaits the arrival of the equipment toBenguela, not specified by the source.

For the first phase there were already sellected and trained 20 instructors.

The "Citizeship and Employment" project was approved by the Council of Ministers in mid 2002. (Source: ANGOP)