Angola: Construction of 16 bridges secures inter-provincial connections

from Government of Angola
Published on 08 Sep 2007
Luanda, 09/08 - Angola's National Bridges Company (ENP) has since 2003 built a total of 16 bridges of metal and concrete, seeking to improve access to districts and communes in ten provinces of the country.

This was said Friday in Luanda by ENP technical director, José Henriques.

Speaking to Angop, the official said hydraulic engineering works were carried out in the provinces of Bengo, Benguela, Huíla, Lunda Sul, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Malanje, Uíge, Zaire and Moxico, as part of the country's national reconstruction plan, following three decades of armed conflict.

The bridge over Lifune river, on the Caxito/Cabo road, northern Bengo province, was built in 90 days, with 36,4 metres long, estimated at Usd 714,636.

In Bengula (centre), ENP built in 45 days time the hydraulic engineering system over Cavaco river, on the Benguela/Lobito river, estimated at Usd 149,091, with the involvement of 20 workers.

The southern Huila province won three bridges. On the Mucuo river (Lubango/Matala road), Calilongue (Lubango), Capunda (Matala/Cuvango road) and the hydraulic system over the Chem-Chem river, in the Matala region.

The bridge over Mucuio river, estimated at Usd 38,734, was built over a period of three months by 16 workers, whereas that over Calilongue, that cost Usd 62,023, involved 20 workers.

A Usd 231,000 bridge was built over Capunda river in four months, involving 15 workers, while the bridge over Chem-Chem river pulled together 16 workers who took three months to complete the undertaking.

In Lunda Sul province (northeast) works were carried out on the Cuilo river, on the Kakolo/Saurimo road during a three months period, and a manpower of 22 civil construction technicians, in September 2003.

Northern Kwanza Norte province won a bridge over Kiringo river, on the Dondo/Ndalatando stretch of road. The works were completed in November 2004 by 28 specialists, within a two months period, estimated at 173,243.

In its turn, Kwanza Sul (centre) was given two hydraulic systems. One over Cambongo river, in Sumbe city, that cost Usd 562,807, and the other over Quiteta river, on Luanda/Porto Amboím road, estimated to have cost Usd 217, 171.

The works were completed respectively in October and November 2004, with the participation of 20 and 10 workers, over a period of four months (Cabongo) and (Quiteta 15 days).

Another province that also won a bridge is Malanje in 2004, over Lucala river at Santa Maria village, district of Malanje, and took three months to be completed and 20 workers. Its cost was put at Usd 435,848.

The Luena/Sacassange road, in eastern Moxico province, also received the ENP services, with ground levelling operations that took three months and Usd 43,768 and involvement of 25 workers.

A hydraulic system over Buania river was built on the Uíge/Negage stretch, in northern Uíge. Its cost was put at Usd 249,514, over three months and 25 workers.

Bridges were also built over Mpozo river, Mbanza Congo/Noqui road, and Luanica, on Tomboco/Mbanza Congo road in northern Zaire province, whereas the road linking to the Mbanza Congo/Noqui bridge was repaired.

These three operations have cost 368,495 (Mpozo), 398,606 (Luanica) and 963, 798 (repair of the road leading to Mpozo bridge), and taken 70 days for the first and two months for the latter.