Angola: Bie - Thousands of ex-UNITA soldiers return to their homelands

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Kuito, 01/14 - About 2,582 former UNITA soldiers were taken to their areas of origin since last December, announced Tuesday the provincial director of the Social Welfare Ministry (Minars) here, Mrs. Isabel Afonso.

According to that official, the process continues on today with the evacuation of 120 people to neighboring southern Kuando-Kubango province.

Mrs. Isabel Afonso said that Minars expects to finish this process in mid-February, in order to enable the children's enrollment in the education system.

The official, deplored the bad conditions of the roads, which force the vehicles to spend many days on the roads, during the trip, above all in the areas with tertiary roads, where the rains turn the traffic difficult.

Source: ANGOP