Angola: Bié - Red Cross and WFP assist over 61,000 needy people

Kuito, 07/18 - The Angolan Red Cross (CVA) in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) is currently assisting in central Bie province about 61,881 people in needy.
According to the CVA official in the region, =C2ngelo Sassongo, out of this number, at least 3,951 are returnees from neighbouring Zambia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Botswana.

The Angolan Red Cross in the central province develops humanitarian actions in the districts of Katabola, Kamacupa (east), Kunhinga, Andulo (north) and Kuito, assisting those in needy with foodstuff such as maize meal, vegetable oil, soya and kitchenware.

Concerning the situation of the returnees, the source underlined that the biggest responsibility falls on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Angolan Government, because the CVA only provides aid in punctual issues such as basic services, sheltering, food security amongst others.