Angola/ Bié: Govt invests USD 20 million in water treatment station

Kuito, 05/28 - At least 20 million dollars will be spent, as from next June, on the construction of a new water extraction and treatment station, for Kuito city, south Bié province, foreseeing to improve water supply in that region.

The project, as revealed last weekend in Kuito by the national director for waters, Gomes Silva, during the undertaking's awarding ceremony, also foresees the construction of an adductor conduit and a reservoir to store the water.

The undertaking, whose works will last for 18 months, after its conclusion, it will produce 300 cubic metres of water per day, a amount enough to satisfy the needs of Kuito city's inhabitants.

At the occasion, the governor of Bié, José Amaro Tati expressed satisfaction with the initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Waters in placing an essential product at the disposal of the population.

The government official seized the opportunity to instruct authorities of Kuito to curb the disorderly construction along the banks of rivers that surround the city, namely Kuito, Cagolo, Cuquema and Cussola, so as not to pollute the water and so that it reaches all regions of the city.

The construction works of the new water extraction and treatment station of Kuito city will be under the responsibility of the Chinese civil engineering company "SinoHydro Corporation Lda".