Angola: 2020 Digital Health Factsheet

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With support from The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the eMobile tool was launched in 2015 in Angola using an application called KoBoCollect, a free open-source resource for mobile data collection using ODK XForms software. The primary focus is on malaria control, and the objectives of the project were to:

  • promote malaria mitigation and use of public health information

  • document awareness and behaviour change

  • increase engagement, information technology and data capability of community development and sanitary agents (ADECOS)

  • develop interactive data tools to track community trends and needs in real time

  • identify strategies to expand the technical and data service capacities of the project’s Mobile Movies Platformas-a-Service (PaaS) to support a fully-scaled network of ADECOS.

ADECOS collect beneficiary data, enter it using a smartphone, store it and then upload it to the cloud when network coverage is adequate. In addition, ADECOS use smartphones coupled with mini-projectors to show behaviour change videos to groups or individual community members. The behaviour change content, including videos, is deployed to all smartphones automatically, which frees staff from having to travel to upload new material.

The geographic scope of eMobile’s deployment is impressive with scaling to 32 municipalities or districts nationwide. Indicative of the scale-up process, the World Vision team has provided technical support so that the tool can be deployed in 4 additional municipalities in a “Health for All” project implemented by Population Services International (PSI) and funded by USAID. Implementation efforts have also supported 24 other municipalities with nutrition projects funded by World Bank and UNICEF.