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Africa weekly emergency situation update Vol. 2, No. 8

Situation Report
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General Context

The cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe continues to be of high concern for the humanitarian community. A high level UN Humanitarian mission is now in the country to assess and discuss the problem with the national authorities on the way forward to tackle the disease. The joint military operations (DRC and Rwanda) are still on-going in eastern DRC. Security situation in CAR is still a major concern.

Countries Situations

Acute Crises

- CAR: Security situation in the North is worsening. An armed group attack on a military barrack and a prison in Bossembelé has been reported. The surroundings of Kaga Bandoro (North-East) under a threat of attacks by armed groups. Panic in the population who has fled the area. Suspected meningitis cases in the prefecture of Nana-Grebizi, in week 8, a total of 41 cases with 17 Deaths (CFR: 41.5%) were reported. WHO is supporting the investigation of the suspect meningitis cases.

- Chad: The humanitarian actors are still facing banditry attacks. A joint UN assessment of the needs of the new influx of refugees from the CAR (about 10,000 people) showed a global malnutrition rate of 11% (0.7% of severe malnutrition) with children of 6-59 months in Daha. MSF is managing the cases. Suspected measles outbreak is showing a decreasing trend with a total of 46 new cases reported in the east in week 7. WHO supported the MoH for a mass vaccination campaign against measles and polio.

- DRC: The military operations against the FDLR still ongoing. The Rwandan troops involved have begun preparation to withdraw in one week while peacekeepers planning how to protect areas they will leave. Cholera outbreak in South Kivu: a cumulative 1,596 cases with 14 deaths have been notified. In Katanga, the cholera outbreak has reached an alarming state, 596 cases with 26 deaths (CFR: 4.3%) have been reported from week 1 to 7 in 2009. WHO and MSF are supporting response activities.

- Ethiopia: Food security prospects are promising in the western half of the country. WFP reports that the overall food security situation is stable in most parts of Oromiya Region, including East and West Hararghe zones, Harar and Dire Dawa. Water shortages, however, continue to be reported from parts of the country including Afar and Somali.

- Kenya: The political situation is calm however security alert has been raised during the week. Cholera outbreak in Nyanza province with eight districts affected including one of the refugee camps in Dadaab. 66 new cases were recorded last week. So far a total of 414 cases with 16 deaths have been reported (CFR, 3.9%). A cholera outbreak response plan for the province is being developed by the health cluster.

- Madagascar: Resurgence in the violence when demonstrators invaded 4 ministries on Thursday the 19th of February. With many people being injured and 50 arrested by police while securing the ministries. Still some hope in a peaceful arrangement with the meeting of both the President and his opponent.

- Mozambique: Ongoing Cholera outbreak in 10 out of 11 provinces. A total of 994 cases with 6 deaths were reported in week 6 of 2009. During the period from 1 January -14 February 2009, a total of 5,693 cases with 52 deaths (CFR: 0.9%) were reported.

- Zimbabwe: The cholera outbreak has now affected all provinces. As of February 23rd, 83,036 cases and 3,868 deaths (CFR: 4.7%) have been reported. A UN humanitarian team arrived in Zimbabwe on the 21st of February 2009. The mission is led by the UN assistant secretary general for humanitarian affairs. Other members of the team are from the WHO, WFP and UNICEF. They will meet President Mugabe and the Prime Minister.

Countries Under Surveillance

- Angola: The cholera outbreak is still ongoing. In week 7, a total of 40 cases without death were reported. As of February 15th, 335 cases and 2 deaths were notified. Four provinces are affected. WHO is supporting the MoH for the response.

- Guinea: The security situation remains calm. Tension on the political situation. The suspect Yellow Fever outbreak in Conakry has not been confirmed by the laboratory.

- Liberia: To improve response to the army worm invasion in the country, the MoH and Social Welfare has undertaken assessment of interventions to control the affected areas. Partners including WHO are supporting the government to control the situation.

- Niger: The trend of meningitis outbreak is still increasing. In week 7; a total of 346 new cases with 16 deaths were reported. Since week 1 a total of 1,360 cases with 62 deaths (CFR: 4.5%) have been reported. Seven districts are now affected. Gaya and Tessoua (in epidemics), Keita, Magaria, Matameye, Zinder and Madaoua (in alert). WHO is supporting surveillance and the development of response plan.

- Nigeria: Outbreak of Lassa Fever confirmed in Ondo and Edo States, 7 cases with 2 deaths reported (CFR, 28.5%).

- Togo: On-going suspected meningitis cases in the district of Haho. No updated figures. In week 6, a total of 74 cases with 11 deaths (CFR: 14.9%) were reported.

- Uganda: Ongoing joint military offensive on LRA base in Garamba by forces of Uganda, Sudan and the DRC. Five suspected cases of meningitis were reported in Amuru district. WHO is supporting surveillance activities.

- Zambia: Cholera outbreak. No new update. As of 10th February 2009, a cumulative 4,354 cases with 55 deaths has been reported (CFR: 1.26%).