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Africa weekly emergency situation update Vol. 2, No. 41


General Context

Pandemic A (H1N1): Twenty nine (29) countries are now affected in our Region with a total case load of 14,868 and 103 deaths as of 09th November 2009 but the overall decline in incidence continues. Other humanitarian concerns include political crises in Guinea and Niger, disease outbreaks, the complex emergencies in central African countries and the food crises in the horn of Africa.

Situation in Countries

Acute crises

CAR: Ongoing violence in the South-east due to the LRA rebels activities. In addition, as of 9th November, 2,184 refugees from DRC have been registered in Zemio fleeing the LRA rebels' attacks. A UN inter agency assessment mission is on its way to Zemio to evaluate the security and humanitarian needs of the refugees for an appropriate response. WHO has donated first aid drugs and medical supplies.

Chad: Resurgence of criminal activities in Abeche and Farchana with car hijackings and attacks on the humanitarian compound. The NGOs MINE TECH and Premiere Urgence have suspended their activities in the area of Arkoum following killing of three people by unidentified armed men. Acute Watery Diarrhoea in Abeche, the situation has returned to normal after the restoration of the water supply.

DRC: Security: The situation in Dongo province of Equateur is now under the control of national security forces following the clashes on 29th October 2009 between local police and a group of youths where 47 policemen were killed. About 20,000 people fled Dongo and crossed the border to find refuge in the villages of Betou and Dongu in Republic of Congo. North Kivu: Clashes between the FDLR rebels and the FARDC (national Army) on 29th of October 2009 in Mbughavinya, North-east of Kanyabayonga, five civilians were killed and 152 houses burnt down. South Kivu: Ongoing fight between FDLR rebels and FARDC in the territories of Mwenga and Kalehe. Cholera outbreaks: In South Kivu 328 new cases with 3 deaths were reported in week 44 making a total of 9,186 cases with 97 deaths (CFR: 1%) from week 1 to 44 in 2009. In North Kivu, 47 new cholera cases with one death were reported in week 44 making a total of 5,472 cases with 61 deaths (CFR: 1%) from week 1 to 44 in 2009. Meningitis in Ituri: In week 44, the health district of Aru reported 27 cases with 3 deaths. Unknown disease in the district of Manono, province of Katanga: 60 cases with 18 deaths (CFR: 30%) and 40 cases with 11 deaths (CFR: 27.5%) has been respectively reported in October and November 2009 in the District Hospital of Manono. A district investigation team supported by WHO is on its way to the area.

Ethiopia: Food security situation: The June- October rains have resumed in several parts of Gambella, SNNPR, Amhara and Oromia following prolonged dry spells. The FEWS-NET report indicates that the hunger season, which normally runs through September, has extended in Tigray; Amhara and in eastern and central Oromia. Food and livelihood security in pastoralist areas also remains fragile, with reports of livestock migration in most of the southern parts of SNNPR. Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) cases are declining across the country. However, active cases have been reported from Amibara, Gewani, Buremudaitu and Argoba districts of Afar region.

Kenya: Floods: The short rains are continuing in many areas in Northern Kenya. Seven people have been killed by floods in various parts of the country. Heavy rains have triggered flush floods and landslides. Some communities in the Tana River basins have been cut off. About 2,500 families have been temporally marooned in Garsen and Malindi in Coast province and another 300 in El Wak in the north-eastern province. The outbreak of cholera has cumulatively affected 43 districts with a total of 9,519 cases and 201 deaths (CFR: 2.2%) since January 2009.

Niger: Floods: The situation is subsiding in Agadez and in Droum. WHO is supporting the reinforcement of the epidemiological surveillance and capacity of the health centres as well as the coordination of health interventions. Malnutrition: In week 44, a total of 4,729 cases with 14 deaths were reported. A total of 161,854 cases with 398 deaths were reported from 1st January to 1st November 2009 of which 41% were severe malnutrition cases. Political situation is still tensed but there is some hope with the renewal of talk among all parties.

Countries Under Surveillance

Angola: We are still monitoring the situation of 50,000 people expelled from DRC. The expulsion has stopped from both sides since the joint agreement between DRC and Angola.

Cape Verde: Outbreak of Dengue has caused panic on the archipelago. As of 8th November 2009, a cumulative total of 12,001 cases with 6 deaths (CFR: 0.05%) have been reported of which 76 cases presented hemorrhagic signs. WHO collaborating centres and others partners of the country have sent teams in the country to support investigation and response activities.

Guinea: The political situation remains tensed. Negotiation and peace talk between different protagonists have started.

Mozambique: The presidential election took place on the 28th of October 2009, the final results are expected for the 12th of November 2009. No violence was reported countrywide. Outbreak of Typhoid Fever in Neno and Tsangano districts: As of 8th November 2009, a total of 320 cases with 34 deaths (CFR: 10.6%) were reported.

South Africa: Pandemic A H1N1: As of 9th November 2009, a total of 12,619 confirmed cases with 91 deaths were reported.

Uganda: Cholera outbreaks: In Busia district; 22 new cases were reported, with a cumulative number of cases is 106 with 8 deaths (CFR 7.5%) in week 43. In Kampala district; 6 new cases were reported in week 43 with a cumulative number of 61 cases. Cases have now been reported from all the divisions in Kampala.

Zimbabwe: Cholera outbreak: In week 45, a total of 14 new cases with 2 deaths were reported. A cumulative 116 cases with 5 deaths (CFR: 4.3%) have been reported in 9 out of 62 districts in the country.

Pandemic A H1N1 in the WHO African Region: The incidence of confirmed cases has been slightly declining in the last few weeks. As of 09th November 2009, a total of 14,868 confirmed cases with 103 deaths have been reported in 29 countries.

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