Angola + 11 more

Africa weekly emergency situation update Vol. 2, No. 40


General Context

Pandemic A (H1N1): The overall decline in incidence continues. Twenty seven (27) countries are now affected in our Region with a total case load of 14,109 and 102 deaths as of 27th October 2009. Other humanitarian concerns include political crises in Guinea and Niger, disease outbreaks, the complex emergencies in central African countries and the food crises in the horn of Africa.

Situation in Countries

Acute crises

Angola: The Governments of Angola and DRC decided to immediately stop the expulsion of citizens from the two countries. From the Angola side, according to officials, the number of Angolans who have returned home from DRC following a mass expulsion campaign is close to 50,000. In a statement on 3rd November 2009 the UNHCR has airlifted emergency relief items (tents, sleeping mats, and blankets, as well as a pre-fabricated warehouse) to Angola to help tens of thousands of people**.

CAR: The humanitarian situation is becoming of high concern in Zemio, South-east of the country, prefecture of Haut Mbomou following influx of refugees from DRC fleeing brutalities of LRA rebels. On 2nd November 2009, a total of 1,960 refugees mainly old people were registered. The evangelical hospital is taking care of the refugees with drug donation from WHO.

Chad: The security situation in the East is tense particularly in the area of Farchana (50 kms from the border with Sudan). Armed car hijacking is continuing with several people injured or killed. Disease outbreaks: Acute Watery Diarrhoea in Abeche, in week 43 a total of 79 new cases without death (83 cases without death in week 42) were reported. From week 1 to 43 of 2009, a total of 3,721 cases without death have been reported in six health centres of Abeche*.

DRC: Clashes in Dongo, province of Equateur on the 29th October 2009 between local police and the youths of an ethnic group (Enyelle) over a land dispute; 47 policemen were killed. The number of civilian victims is unknown. North Kivu: Heavy fight on the 1st of November 2009 between the FARDC (national Army) and the FDLR rebels in Lukweti (territory of Masisi) with casualties unknown. Cholera outbreaks: In South Kivu 319 new cases with 1 death were reported in week 43 making an overall total of 8,858 cases with 94 deaths (CFR: 1%) from week 1 to 43 in 2009*. In North Kivu, 57 new cholera cases with one death were reported in week 43 making a cumulative total of 5,425 cases with 60 deaths (CFR: 1%) from week 1 to 43 in 2009*. Meningitis in Ituri: In week 43, the health district of Aru reported 15 cases with one death and the health district of Bunia reported 3 cases with two deaths*. WHO and heath partners are supporting response activities for the cholera and meningitis outbreaks.