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Africa weekly emergency situation update No. 37

Situation Report
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General Context

The attention of international and humanitarian community is still focused on the humanitarian situation in the eastern DRC where about 1.6 million people are displaced. The upsurge of cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe is also of high concern in an environment disrupted by a chronic humanitarian crisis.

Countries Situations

Acute Crises

- CAR: High concern over security situation in many areas. Good progress during a peace talk held in Libreville on the 20th November 2008 with all parties including main rebel groups agreeing on organizing an "Inclusive Political Dialogue" very soon.

- Chad: The security situation in the East is still unpredictable with isolated incidents. The SMT (UN- Security Management Team) has recommended implementation of the security plan for the East. On 13 November 2008 MSF-F stopped its activities in the camp of Dogdore (30,000 IDPs) for security reasons.

- DRC: Fighting continues in eastern DRC. Many IDPs in North Kivu urgently need healthcare amid an increase in the number of cholera, gunshot injury and malnutrition cases being reported. The cholera outbreak is ongoing, during week 46, a total of 486 new cases with 9 deaths were reported in North Kivu. From week 36 to 46 a cumulative number of 2,678 cases with 92 deaths have been reported. WHO has sent 9 international experts and supplies to help manage the crisis in North Kivu. Distribution of donated medical supplies has started well and more items have started to arrive in Goma from Entebe.

- Ethiopia: Although the water level is receding in flood affected areas in Somali region, continued heavy rains in the neighboring highland areas of Bale and Arsi districts of Oromiya Region could contribute to further flooding. Approximately 96,000 people in need of emergency food and non-food assistance have been identified. On week 46, seven districts reported active cases of Acute Watery Diarrhea in four regions. Cumulative cases and deaths were 3,804 and 23 nationwide (CFR: 0.6%) as of 16th of November 2008.

- Kenya: The rains have abated but those affected by the floods are still displaced. More rains are projected for the rift valley but reduced rainfall is also predicted for the northeastern provinces. There is an upsurge of reported acute watery diarrhea cases in all the three districts of Mandera. From 28th October 17th November 2008, there were 1,046 cases, 12 deaths (CFR: 1.1%). A Technical team of Ministry of Health, Provincial Health and WHO are assessing the situation.

- Zimbabwe: To date there is still no agreement on the power sharing arrangement since the SADC summit in South Africa on 09th November 2008. Alarming cholera outbreak: as of 18 November, 7,330 cases and 310 deaths (CFR: 4.2%) have been reported countrywide. WHO is supporting the national authorities to respond to the outbreak.

Countries Under Surveillance

- Angola: After the province of UIJE, the cholera outbreak is spreading to Kwanza Sul and Huila provinces. During the 11 - 16 November 2008 a total of 64 cases and 1 death were reported. WHO is supporting the National and Provincial Cholera Task Force to strengthen coordination and response activities.

- Côte d'Ivoire: November poll officially canceled, new date to be announced. The UN Security Council expressed its deep concern about this delay which could put at risk the entire peace process. At least 16 people have died of food poisoning after having eaten commercially produced porridge in the north.

- Guinea-Bissau: Attempted coup with soldiers attacking the residence of the President on the 23 November 2008. The cholera outbreak is completely under control. 125 cases were reported on week 47 compared to 211 on week 46. A cumulative total of 14,129 cases and 222 deaths have been reported since the beginning of the outbreak. WHO and other health partners are supporting the Ministry of Health.

- Mozambique: A cholera outbreak is ongoing. 98 new cases without death have been reported on week 46 compared to 137 on week 45. Cumulative total of 1,902 cases with 18 deaths have so far been reported. WHO and health partners are supporting the health authorities to control the outbreak.

- Niger: The cholera outbreak is totally under control. 1,930 cases 0 death of moderate malnutrition and 744 cases with 16 deaths of severe malnutrition have been reported on week 46. Since the beginning of the year 1,623,677 cases with 2,109 deaths have been reported. WHO is supporting the health authorities to coordinate all health activities.

- Nigeria: An identified disease of children aged 6-24 months dying of Acute Renal Failure is going on since the last two weeks. So far 20 cases with 14 deaths (CFR: 70%) have been reported. Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. Increased attacks on ships have been reported in the Niger Delta area which has drawn the attention of the International Maritime Organization.

- Uganda: The general situation is still calm. The influx of Congolese refugees has resumed. Total number of refugee influx is estimated at around 14,000 people. A joint Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS mission led by WHO and comprising major partners conducted a rapid assessment of DRC refugees.

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