4,000 Angolan Refugees in Namibia to Be Repatriated

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LUANDA (Jan. 21) XINHUA - Some 4,000 Angolan refugees in Namibia will be repatriated by the end of March, official source said here on Friday.

Angolan Minister of Assistance and Social Reintegration Albino Malungo told the National Radio station that his ministry is currently making preparations for the repatriation of the refugees.

According to Malungo, those refugees flowed into the Namibian territory for dodging the rampant conflicts between the Angolan government troops and the rebel soldiers of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) led by Jonas Savimbi.

Malungo said that his ministry will dispatch in the following days a mission to Namibia for discussing with the Namibian government issues on the transportation of the refugees.

The minister added that it could be difficult for some refugees to come back to homeland with their goods, because they had lost the goods when they were sent to Alzir by a humanitarian organization subordinate to the United Nations.

According to the source, due to the fierce conflicts, the number of the Angolan refugees living in the Namibian city of Alzir is far more than before, saying that before the burst of conflict in the Angolan provinces of Cunene and Cuando Cubango, there were 7,000 Angolans living in the city.

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