American Samoa

American Samoa UHC Zika & Dengue Situation Report (April 22 - 28, 2018)


Activity Updates and Resource Needs


Activities & General Updates

• Am. Samoa have not seen any ZIKV PCR positive cases since June 2016.

• Continue to see a decline in the ratio of samples that test positive for Dengue Virus infection.

• Am. Samoa continuing with weekly Unified Health Command meeting to update key leaders and inter departmental/agency partners.

• Outbreak has been going on for 1 year (March 2017 – Present), Hawaii State Lab was asked to conduct serotyping on randomly selected serum samples from November 2017 – February 2018, only Dengue 2 was detected.

• Epidemiologist and ELC Program Director returned from ELC Programs meetings in Atlanta.

• Am. Samoa gearing up for a campaign to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis in Am. Samoa. In partnership with PIHOA, CDC, and WHO. Next Steps

• Submit a request to CDC to have the Career Epidemiology Field Officer: USAPI, work in Am. Samoa for a 4-week period to assist with re-establishing syndromic and notifiable disease surveillance

• Re-establish relations with LBJ regarding infectious disease control. Resource Needs/Requests of PHEP

• Assist with request letter to CDCs Field Services Branch, Division of State and Local Readiness.