American Samoa

American Samoa UHC Dengue Situation Report Epi Week 43 (October 21–27, 2018)


Activities & General Updates

This Report covers the period between September 22 to October 25, 2018.

• Am. Samoa Department of Health Laboratory continue to send serum samples, from patients with symptoms characteristic of a flavivirus infection, weekly to Hawaii State Lab for Trioplex rRT PCR testing.

• Am. Samoa have not seen any ZIKV PCR positive cases since June 2016. From Sep 22 – Oct 25, Hawaii State Lab (HSL) released 93 results for samples tested via ZIKA IgM MAC ELISA, 23 samples were IgM positive. Because of high cross reactivity between Zika and Dengue in ELISA tests, Am. Samoa is currently tracking only PCR results.

• Am. Samoa continue to see a decline in the ratio of samples that test positive for Dengue Virus infection. From Sep 22 to Oct 25, HSL released 109 results for samples tested via RT-PCR, of which 11 were confirmed positive. However, from Oct 14 – 28, Hawaii State Lab release results for 33 samples tested via Trioplex rRT- PCR, all were negative.

• Am. Samoa has completed its Mass Drug Administration (MDA) campaign to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis (LF). After 5 weeks of MDA activities, the one-time three drug regimen (Albendazole, Ivermectin, and Diethylcarbamazine) were administered via Directly Observed Therapy (DOT), to roughly 29,700 individuals who provided a signed consent form. With the 2010 US Sense population estimates as denominators, it was estimated that 56% of the total population participated. Next Steps

• Discuss with CDC’s Career Epidemiologist Field Officer: Pacific Region possibility of declaring the Dengue 2 outbreak “over”.

• MDA campaign to eliminate LF coverage assessment survey.

Resource Needs/Requests of PHEP/ELC

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