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WFP Algeria Country Brief, September 2018


Operational Updates

• In September, as part of the General Food Assistance, WFP distributed 125,000 rations consisting of 8 kg wheat flour, 2 kg rice, 1 kg pasta, 2 kg yellow split peas, 1kg CSB, 1kg sugar, 1litre of fortified vegetable oil. The ration was complemented with 1 kg of gofio (roasted maize meal), which is part of an in-kind donation from the Spanish region of Gran Canaria. The food basket reached a daily energy intake of 2,208 kcal/person, higher than the planned 2,100 kcal per day due to the inclusion of an additional commodity.

• WFP distributed daily rations of pre-mix 100g corn soya blend (CSB+) and 10g vegetable oil to treat moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) among 614 pregnant and nursing mothers.

• A daily ration of 65g dates were also distributed to 8,116 pregnant and nursing mothers to provide them with additional energy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The dates, received as in-kind contribution from Saudi Arabia, are used to target pregnant and nursing mothers, in lieu of micronutrient powders (MNPs). Dates are very nutritious and act as an excellent complement to the monthly rations to treat and prevent micronutrient deficiencies. WFP Algeria halted the purchase of MNPs. pending the results of the decentralized evaluation of the nutrition activity and its reformulation.

• To prevent chronic malnutrition, 12,754 boys and girls under five took home daily rations of 10g of a special spread (Nutributter). Additionally, 369 children received the specialised nutrition product (Plumpy’sup) for the treatment of MAM.

• The new scholastic year 2018/2019 started on 15 September in the camps. WFP distributed milk and dates to 38,720 boys and girls in primary schools and kindergartens. Children in special needs centers will also receive mid-morning snacks as part of the school meals programme from October onwards.
The lists of students for the latter institutions had not been available yet in September.