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Weekly Bulletin on Outbreaks and other Emergencies: Week 37: 5 - 11 September 2022


This Weekly Bulletin focuses on public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African region. This week’s articles cover:

  • Monkeypox in the WHO African Region

  • Dengue fever in Niger

  • Ebola Virus Disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

For each of these events, a brief description, followed by public health measures implemented and an interpretation of the situation is provided.

A table is provided at the end of the bulletin with information on all new and ongoing public health events currently being monitored in the region, as well as recent events that have been controlled and closed.

Major issues and challenges include:

Health authorities of Niger have reported the first ever case of dengue in Abalak department, Tahoua region. In-depth investigations are ongoing to identify the source of infection of the case. WHO is currently providing the necessary support to improve and strengthen risk communication, surveillance and laboratory capacity for dengue in Niger.

No new case of Ebola virus disease has been reported in the past week in the Democratic Republic of the Congo after 26 days of the detection of the only confirmed case. The ongoing response activities are facing some challenges including, insufficient resources, the source of contamination has not yet been identified, some listed contacts are still missing and the resistance of the population to public health response activities.