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Red Crescent relief aids to Algeria and Sri Lanka

The second relief shipment of the IRCS was despatched by an aircraft to Algeria on 29 May. The consignment weighting 21 MT consisted of 300 relief tents, 3,000 blankets, 5,000 canned food, 200 cartons of utensil sets and 20,000 bars of soap. The assistance was the second Red Crescent relief shipment with a total value of USD 69,000 sent for assisting newly quake-stricken people of Algeria.
Following the occurrence of flood in southern Sri Lanka, a humanitarian relief aid of the IRCS with a total value of USD 65,625 was also transmitted by air to flood-stricken Sri Lanka. The 18-ton assistance included 5,000 blankets and 200 relief tents. The IRCS will continue its humanitarian assistance in disaster-affected countries all over the world.