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North Africa Appeal No. MAA82001 Programme Update No. 1


In brief

Programme purpose: The International Federation North Africa representation serves to support and build capacities within the National Societies of the North Africa region (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco) in order to respond to the humanitarian challenges faced in the region. It aims to provide effective coordination of programme and consistent support on governance and management, communication, advocacy, resource mobilisation and capacity development.

The disaster management programme aims at building well prepared, stronger and more efficient Red Crescent Societies that are able to prevent and reduce risks, respond to the humanitarian needs posed by small and medium scale disasters, mitigate their impact as well as cope with their consequences. The health and care programme focuses on building and strengthening the capacities of the National Societies in the region to address public health needs.

The organisational development programme aims to support and facilitate the development of National Societies' structures, processes and systems for better response to situations of vulnerability. It also seeks to pool the resources within all Movement partners, including partner National Societies (PNSs) operating bi-laterally and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to maximize effectiveness of organisational development and capacity building.

The Principles and Values programme intends to profile the International Federation's humanitarian Principles and Values that are guiding all Red Crescent activities, inspiring all the volunteers of the International Federation, and promoting a culture of peace, dignity for all and respect for diversity.