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Desert Locust situation update 12 Jan 2010: Locust situation calm in all countries

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The Desert Locust situation remains calm in all frontline countries between West Africa and southwest Asia.

Currently only low numbers of solitarious adults have been seen during surveys carried out this month in western and northern Mauritania, and on the Red Sea coastal plains in Sudan (in the north near Egypt and further south in the Tokar Delta). A few hoppers were also present in Mauritania.

No significant rainfall has fallen so far in January. Consequently, breeding conditions are probably less favourable than normal in the winter areas in northern Mauritania and along both sides of the Red.

Nevertheless, small-scale breeding is likely to occur in a few places on both sides of the Red Sea, especially if more rains fall, while low numbers of adults are expected to persist in Mauritania, as well as in parts of Western Sahara, Mali, Niger, Algeria and Morocco. No significant developments are likely.