UN in Albania joins international response to help people affected by floods

Tirana, 10 December 2017:

According to Albanian authorities, heavy rains at the beginning of December caused floods in central and southern parts of the country. More than 1500 persons were evacuated. Around 3500 families are suffering from loss or seriously damaged houses, loss of economic assets including high numbers of livestock and poultries. Some 15.000 ha of agricultural land have been flooded ,177 schools and 21 health care institutions are heavily damaged.

The United Nations in Albania is monitoring the situation to determine its response in cooperation with Government counterparts. Several actions have been undertaken so far.

In response to Government’s request for relief services, UNICEF, has provided humanitarian support to assist children and families in need after the massive destructive floods. The support consists of winter clothes for children, basic health emergency kits, first aid kits, tents, and baby blankets. The total value of the donation is USD 107,000.

UNHCR is donating over 1,600 core relief items for those evacuated such as fleece blankets, sleeping mats and plastic tarpaulins. The total value of the donation is USD 72.000.

UNDP through an EU funded project is supporting more than 1000 Roma and Egyptians living in Tirana, Durres, Fushe-Kruja, Shkodra and Berat to recover from floods. Families are provided with blankets, clothes, food and materials such as detergents and plastic covers for roofs etc.

This assistance will benefit those more severely affected by the floods including Roma.

The United Nations is coordinating its efforts with Government and other international partners to assist with the sustainable recovery measures.