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Summary of the Action Against Hunger programs in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro

Situation Report
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In Kosovo
Action against Hunger teams are distributing food (humanitarian daily rations, flour, oil, salt and sugar) and non-food aid (blankets, etc.) in Glogovac region, Pristina (urban) and Podujevo.

They are also carrying out nutritional assessments - weighing and measuring adults and children, establishing what people have been eating for the past months and what food is available to them now. The internally displaced population is suffering from micronutriment deficiencies. This is of particular concern regarding breast-feeding mothers and children under 5 years old, and it is them whom we will target in complementary feeding programmes we are establishing.

We are also conducting an assessment of water and sanitation needs.

Action against Hunger will continue to distribute aid as long as is necessary but our aim is to establish food security and self sufficiency within the population as soon as possible. In two weeks time, we will have an agricultural team in place, and will pick up the pieces of a seeds and tools programme which we were running last year but were forced to abandon when war broke out.

In Albania,

26 volunteers from ACF and 60 local employees are in charge of aid programmes for the Kosovar refugees in Kukes, Tirana, Korce and Fier.

According to the HCR, they are 407 600 kosovars refugees in Albania.

In Kukes, in the north, along the frontiers, Action against Hunger teams go on distributing warm milk and broth. Action against Hunger also provides food and emergency supplies (blanket, cooking materials) to the Kosovars housed in host families in the villages of Shemri and Kolsh.

The team ensured the distribution of drinkable water for three camps and several spots in which there are almost 4000 refugees.

In Korce, in the south, ACF ensured the rehabilitation of sanitary structures and the supply of water for collective centres receiving 6 000 refugees.

The volunteers have supplied with drinkable water and sanitary structures (showers, latrines), the camp of Semani which is located at Fier, a city situated in the south-east, as well as the camp of Mullet in Tirana.

In Macedonia,

12 volunteers from Action against Hunger and 45 local employees.

According to the HCR, there are 226 700 kosovars refugees in Macedonia.

In north east of Macedonia, in Gostivar, Debar, Struga, and Kicevo, Action against Hunger teams ensures the distribution of fresh products to 40 000 Kosovars housed in host families.

The collective kitchen open by Action against Hunger in Gostivar, in support of local efforts, allows the purchase of food from local producers and provides about 3 000 hot meals a day. Moreover, nutritional surveys are being carried out by Action against Hunger to evaluate the nutritional status of the refugees in the camps and in the host families.

In Montenegro,

9 volunteers from Action against Hunger and about 30 local employees develop aid programmes for the Kosovars in Rozaje and Ulcinj.

According to the HCR, 69 700 displaced Kosovars are located in Montenegro.

In Rozaje, in the north, Action against Hunger distributes 1 100 hot meals a day to the Kosovars lodged in reception centers in Kristal and in Lekobije. Complementary food items are also provided to young children and pregnant women.

In Ulcinj, in the south of Montengro, the teams provide hot meals for more than 3 000 Kosovars living in two camps.