Red Cross ends program of emergency aid for Albania

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TIRANA, NOV 4 (ATA) - The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) ended its food emergency aid and
medical assistance for the needy Albanian population, the ICRC press office said. This program started at the
beginning of March '97 in cooperation with the Albanian Red Cross. Some 63 medical institutions and those of social
assistance received a total of 50 tons of medical supplies and 187 tons of foodstuffs, which were distributed to 10
percent of the population in the first phase. The food packages and sanitary articles were distributed to some 210 000
Albanian families. The ICRC granted to Albanian authorities in charge of water distribution 74 tone of chlorine and 15
sets to test the presence of chlorine in water. It has also given 185 tons of foodstuffs to the Albania Red Cross as a
winter reserve to use it in specific time. A four-person team will continue the aid program for the ICRC in Albania.
Their activity will be focused in educational programs on the recognition of international humanitarian law, television program on youth. Based on an agreement for humanitarian activities related to prisoners and in cooperation with the
Interior and Justice Ministry and General Prosecutor's Office, the ICRC will start a series of visits to prisons in
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