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Merlin programmes worldwide 04 Jan 2000

East Timor
Starting a malaria control programme in conjunction with the World Health Organisation's 'Roll Back Malaria' campaign.

Sierra Leone

Providing nutritional feeding to over 150 severely malnourished children in Kenema district in eastern Sierra Leone, where thousands have been made homeless by conflict.

Running a paediatric ward in a clinic, an emergency cholera treatment unit, mobile daily health clinics and establishing a permanent health centre to provide basic health care in Freetown.

Re-establishing and restocking one hospital , three clinics and 15 health centres with drugs and equipment to provide medical care and health education to mothers and young children in Kenema and Bo districts.

Overseeing an emergency malaria control programme including bednet distribution, insecticide spraying and community education in Kenema.


Preventing malaria by providing 10,000 impregnated bednets for children and pregnant women in the western highlands.

Teaching families about malaria and bednet use through mobile teams and community groups.

Supporting health centres with drug distribution and the training of local staff in data collection and treatment methods.


Training health staff and supporting nine health centres in Nimba county with equipment and basic drugs.

Running a disease control programme to tackle life threatening diseases such as malaria and Lassa Fever, using laboratory training, bednet distribution and community education.


Combating the spiralling epidemic of tuberculosis by training health staff in World Health Organisation methods of TB treatment and raising awareness amongst staff and the public of the new WHO backed approach.

Setting up a project with New York's Public Health Research Institute to control multi-drug resistant TB in patients in Tomsk towns and prisons who have strains of TB immune to standard treatments.


Improving diagnosis of TB and other respiratory diseases by rehabilitating and re-equiping six laboratories and 12 TB dispensaries.

Supporting local aid agencies working in the health sector in the promotion of health issues.


Supplying the Institute of Public Health in Metrovica with essential equipment to enable it to collect data about disease and detect potential epidemics.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Distributing survival kits, which include mosquito nets and jerry cans, to homeless families at risk from malaria and diarrhoeal disease following severe flooding in Kinshasa.

Providing two hospitals and 35 health centres in Maniema province with drugs to deliver basic health care to people affected by ongoing insecurity.


Rehabilitating infectious disease hospitals following the collapse of health services after the Soviet Union's break-up.

Training local health staff in diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease, particularly typhoid and malaria.

Strengthening epidemic surveillance by distributing drugs and laboratory equipment to infectious disease hospitals.