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Forced Migration Projects and Soros activities in Yugoslavia

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Several of the national foundations and network programs in the Soros foundations network are responding to the war in Kosovo and the displacement of Kosovars. In Albania and Macedonia, the foundations are mobilizing existing resources and discretionary funds to undertake a range of important initiatives. Network programs, including the Forced Migration Projects, are working closely with the foundations in their specialized areas. In addition to direct activities, the foundations are also acting as a resource for international relief organizations that lack on-the-ground experience in the region. In Yugoslavia, where there is also a displacement crisis of serious proportions, the main office in Belgrade and the branch offices in Podgorica and Novi Sad are continuing their work so far as circumstances permit. They have made contributions to the Red Cross of Serbia and Montenegro to assist displaced persons, both with material donations and with psychological counseling. The branch office in Pristina has been unable to function - and thus the foundation has been able to do little to address the problem of internally displaced persons in Kosovo. However, most of the Pristina staff has regrouped outside the country and are preparing projects to deal with aspects of the crisis. As an institution, the Soros foundations network does not take a stand on the political and military issues associated with the crisis. While individuals within the network have their own views on the subjects, and some may express those views, they do not speak for the network in taking their positions.