Floods in Albania: EADRCC Situation Report #2


(New information in bold)

  1. In accordance with the procedures at reference, EADRCC has received on 4 December 2017, a request for assistance from Albania. The following information was provided.

  2. General Situation Type of the Disaster : Floods Date and Time the Disaster occurred : December 1, ongoing Location of the Disaster : Republic of Albania 3. Initial Assessment of the damage and description of the situation.

Heavy rainfalls at the beginning of December have caused floods in central and southern part of the Republic of Albania. These are the most severe rainfalls Albania has ever recorded. The response of the institutions has been vital to prevent loss of human lives. On the other hand, based on initial assessments, the material damage has been extensive.

More than 15.000 ha have been flooded and the current assessment indicate the following damages: 4,714 buildings, 41 business, 145 road sections, 177 schools, 78 bridges, 30 water supply stations, 11 dams, 36 electrical stations, 29 dikes and one water pumping station.