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The elements for 90m Bailey bridge are ready, Kosovo responds to Albania's request for help

Published: Thursday, 07 December 2017 19:59

At the border crossing point of Morina there were 15 heavy tonnage trucks, which transported from Kosovo to Albania the material for the construction of 90 m "bailey" bridge. This assistance comes in response to the request for help from Albania which was made after the recent floods, where over 65 bridges were heavily damaged.

Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania, Brigadier General Dedë Prenga praised the contribution of the Kosovo Security Force in overcoming the difficult situation of the last day.

“The construction of the damaged bridges and the life security of the residents in the affected areas are a priority of the government of Albania. The KSF and the Italian Armed Forces have brought in our country experts, who are already setting the priorities to help the population from the floods of some days ago in our country. This assistance will continue and as it has happened before, the aids that have come in human resources, material basis and in all ways from Kosovo, “he continued.

“Kosovo authorities have taken a decision and I can say with a record decision all measures have been taken to help the Albanians " said the Commander of the KSF, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama. The delivery of bridge elements was made at the border crossing point of Morina in the presence of Albanian Ambassador to Kosovo, Qemal Minxhozi and Kosova Ambassador in Tirana, Sylë Ukshini. The metal brass elements were transported to Vaqarr in the Reception and Administartion of Assistance Support in the vicinity of Support Command of the Armed Forces and are soon expected to be used to start work on new bridges in the municipalities affected by bad weather.