Armed gangs operate in Albania-Kosova border - LDK communique

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PRISHTINE, NOV 20 (ATA) - The Democratic League of Kosova (LDK) in Gjakova (near Albania border) issued a
communique on Wednesday expressing its concern about the increasing raids of armed gangs against the province of
Gjakova, the LDK said on Thursday. These gangs, armed with automatic rifles and explosive devices, often masked,
communicate, particularly, in Albanian language, but some time insult in Serbian language. One cannot clearly
understand whether they are Albanians from Kosova or from the other side of the border (Albania), the communique
said. Bandits fired rifle shots without fearing guards of the inter-state border. The LDK leadership in Gjakova said
that it is time to urgently ask for a contingent of the U.N. forces in this border area to put an end to this situation.
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