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Americares in Kosovo

Response: AmeriCares continues to aid the victims of political tension in Kosovo. An airlift with 40,000 pounds of medical relief supplies, sleeping bags, blankets, and winter clothing is scheduled to depart in mid-January.
In order to attend to the needs of the refugee children, AmeriCares recently shipped 10,000 backpacks, filled with school supplies and toys, to Kosovo for the reopening of the nation's schools. AmeriCares Project Director Andrew Heyduk assisted with the distribution of the first 250 backpacks at Hasan Pristina Primary School in Pristina on Tuesday, October 14th. The remaining bags will be dispensed to schools throughout the nation's capital. In addition, AmeriCares is partnering with Vogue Knitting Magazine to bring warm mittens to the thousands of internal refugees who will be exposed to Kosovo's long, harsh winter.

AmeriCares was the first international aid agency to deliver supplies for this crisis, with a planeload of 33,000 pounds arriving in Macedonia on April 1st. Since then, AmeriCares has completed twenty-four additional airlifts and sent seven sea containers to Albania and Macedonia. On July 14, NATO authorized AmeriCares to deliver relief supplies directly into Pristina. Over 1,000,000 pounds of medicines, medical supplies, nutritional supplies, baby food, infant formula, blankets, tents, clothing and personal hygiene products have been delivered to the refugees. AmeriCares is working directly with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity, the Caritas organization and UNHCR to distribute the supplies evenly and efficiently to the returned refugees through local clinics, and food distribution programs throughout the province. AmeriCares will continue to deliver aid to the Balkans for as long as there is a need.

Situation: With the long and miserable Balkan winter fast-approaching, ethnic Albanians race to rebuild their lives and homes. UN humanitarian officials in Kosovo warned the approximate 800,000 refugees that the war-torn region faces a rough winter, and that thousands will be forced to spend it in tents. More than 100,000 houses were damaged or destroyed during Serbia's offensive against Kosovo's ethnic Albanian population. Emergency relief supplies, including survival gear and winterized tents, are urgently needed.

Credentials: AmeriCares has delivered more than $11 million of assistance to Kosovar refugees since April of 1998. We are registered with the U.S. Agency for International Development (License #A0275), and we are a licensed drug wholesaler. We are also a licensed DEA Exporter (License #RA0178170).AmeriCares solicits donations of medicines, medical supplies, and other relief materials from manufacturers, and delivers them quickly and reliably to indigenous health and welfare professionals in 130 countries around the world. Financial contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations are used to defray the cost of AmeriCares' programs. Every dollar donated to AmeriCares is leveraged to deliver more than $20 worth of aid to individuals in need. Since 1982, AmeriCares has maintained an operating overhead that is less than 2%.

AmeriCares accepts financial donations only. Please call 1.800.486.HELP or send a check, markedKosovo Relief to AmeriCares, 161 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT 06840.