Albania: Earthquake - Information bulletin

The situation

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania at 3:54 AM local time on 26 November 2019, centred 30 km (19 miles) west of Tirana, at a depth of 10 km (6 miles). It was followed by a second one of 5.4 magnitude at 07:10 AM only a few hours later. The epicenter was around Durres (around 34 km northwest of Tirana). The earthquake caused several buildings to collapse in Durres, Thumane and the neighbouring towns.

The most affected areas are the coastal city of Durres, and the town of Thumane, located 40 km from Tirana, close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Four buildings collapsed in Thumane, while two apartment buildings and two hotels collapsed in Durres. Tuesday's earthquake has been described by authorities as the strongest to hit Albania in 30 years.

31 people have been reported as dead and around 650 people injured as residents were trapped beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings. More than 350 wounded persons have been treated in hospitals, around 100 people remain in hospitals to date.

The airport in Tirana was temporarily closed on 26 November due to considerable damages at the terminals. Communication lines (land and mobile) are functioning. Electricity cuts are recorded only in some areas. Power was down in several neighbourhoods in the capital.

Displaced people have been accommodated partly in the government setup tent camp in the football stadium in Durres, partly in hotels Tirana – Vlore line. It is still unclear how and when people can go back to their homes. Tents were set up in Thumane and in Durres.

2,000 families would need immediate help in relief and psychosocial support.