Albania Appeal No. 01.43/2002 Annual Report


The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in 178 countries. For more information:
Appeal No. 01.43/2002;
Appeal target: CHF 1,561,569;
Budget revised to CHF 4,100,065.
Appeal coverage: 84%

Overall analysis of the programme

The four core areas of the Federation Strategy 2010 represent the backbone of the Albanian RC Strategy 2000-2004. Disaster preparedness, Disaster response, Health and Care in the community and the Humanitarian Values are set as different goals to be fulfilled during this five period. In addition to these, the NS sees Organisational Development (including fund raising and volunteer management) and Tracing as important for its development. The Appeal budget was dramatically revised early in the year to include activities that had been planned in 2001, but were not carried out before the end of that year.

The Albanian Red Cross has gone through the process of structural changes, including the creation of twelve large branches instead of the previous thirty six local committees, in line with the new administrative divisions of the country approved in 2000 that strengthen the capacity of the National Society at the local level. The establishment of a new structure at governance and management at HQ's and local level were finally approved by the VI General Assembly of the NS that was held in October 2002.

During the first half of 2002, thirty nine sub branches were set up throughout the whole territory of the country Elections were held regularly at this level and from these structures were constituted the branch councils with representatives from the sub branch levels. Governance members of the sub branch council will take responsibility of implementing the various activities and projects in their area. The councils consists of nine governance members at the branch level and there is predicted a branch secretary (staff) and one or two co-ordinators, who will cover the activities to be implemented in all sub branches constituting the branch.

During this year, Albanian RC has also been very active in responding to the needs of vulnerable people caused by a heavy snowfall during January-February in the North part of the country, a flooding situation at the end of September in the lowland area of the country, by some slight earthquakes that happened during July and August in Elbasan area (middle of Albania) and a difficult situation on the border with Greece in the third week of August, when Albanian emigrants were going back to Greece from their summer holidays.

Special emphasis was given to the drafting of the NS Disaster Management Plan. With the expertise of the Finish RC the plan is already completed and copy of it shall be distributed to the relevant stakeholders early in 2003.

The activities of the health area went according to the plan of activities. Health dissemination activities were held in a lot of remote communes and the NS enlarged that activity with the support of the French RC delegation in Albania. First Aid activities were implemented. Albanian RC was recognized with the First Aid European Certificate by the European Reference Centre for First Aid Education. Further steps were made in contacts held with Transport Ministry for the FA courses at driving schools. The number of assisted vulnerable people of the social area was increased as the NS changed its strategy of helping this category of vulnerable people.

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