The A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance 2012

Manual and Guideline
Originally published


Ten editions and still going strong. The 2012 version of AREU’s flagship “A to Z Guide” is now available. Aiming to enhance understanding of the actors, structures and government processes related to aid and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, the new edition offers:

  • A comprehensive glossary of assistance terms, including new entries on Afghanistan’s water resources, mineral wealth and the Transition process

  • An overview of Afghanistan’s system of government

  • Key primary documents along with country and city maps

  • In collaboration with the World Bank, a new section of 34 provincial profiles presenting key development indicators against national benchmarks

  • An extensive contacts directory that includes government agencies, NGOs, and international actors; this now includes a province-by-province guide to radio, TV and print media currently active in Afghanistan courtesy of Nai Media.

Hardcopies of the English edition of the 2012 A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance are available for purchase (Afs 1000) at the AREU office in Shahr-i-Naw, Kabul. Soft copies of the English can be downloaded for free from, with Dari and Pashto soon to follow. Printed Dari and Pashto editions will also be available (Afs 50) at a later date.

About AREU

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) is an independent research organisation based in Kabul. AREU’s mission is to inform and influence policy and practice through conducting high-quality, policy-relevant research and actively disseminating the results, and to promote a culture of research and learning. To achieve its mission AREU engages with policymakers, civil society, researchers and students to promote their use of AREU’s research and its library, to strengthen their research capacity, and to create opportunities for analysis, reflection and debate. AREU was established in 2002 by the assistance community working in Afghanistan.

For more information, please contact:

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