World Food Programme Afghanistan Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAME) - 20th May 2020

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Afghanistan main cities market price comparison of 20th May with 19th May 2020

Key Highlights

  • No significant change in the average prices of food and none food commodities today compared to 19 th May 2020. But all main food commodities (Wheat, wheat flour, rice, oil and pulses) prices are significantly higher compared to 14th March 2020.

  • The average Wheat flour (HP & LP) in the main city markets are significantly higher by 14.0% and 18.0% compared to 14 March, Wheat price is also significantly higher by 10.0 percent for the same period.

  • Cooking Oil is significantly higher by 23.0% compared to 14th March.

  • Pulses prices are significantly higher by 12% compared to 14th March. Rice (HQ & LQ) are 3 and 5% and Sugar higher by 10% compared to 14th March.

  • The purchasing power of casual labor is significantly deteriorated by 14%, while Pastoralists purchasing power is slightly deteriorated by 1.2%, compared to 14th March.