Wild Poliovirus Weekly Update, 05 May 2010

from Global Polio Eradication Initiative
Published on 05 May 2010 View Original

* Tajikistan has launched its response to a large wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) outbreak, with a national immunization activity being launched on 1 May in Dushanbe, the capital. As of this week, 32 WPV1 cases have been confirmed. For full details, see 'Tajikistan' section.

* At the T20 cricket world cup in St Lucia, the Indian and Afghanistan cricket teams came together at a media event to urge parents to immunize their children. This event was widely covered in India, with ESPN covering the press conference and airing polio PSAs during the TV coverage to an audience of hundreds of millions.

* Globally, 38 districts are infected with WPV1 in 2010, compared with 120 districts at this time last year, and 32 districts are infected with WPV3 in 2010, compared with 132 districts at this time last year. There have been 115 cases reported this year, compared with 396 at this time last year. 66 of these are type 1 (compared with 175 at this time in 2009) and 49 are type 3 (compared with 221 at this time in 2009).

* It is now seven weeks since India reported any cases of wild poliovirus.