Afghanistan + 27 more

WFP Emergency Report No. 29 of 2005

Situation Report
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This week 's report covers the following sectors/countries:

Sectors: Agriculture, Coordination and Support Services, Food, Health, Infrastructure and Rehabilitation, Protection / Human Rights / Rule of Law, Refugees and IDPs, Shelter and Non-food Items, Water & Sanitation

This report includes:

(A) Highlights

(B) Middle East,Central Asia and Eastern Europe: (1) Central Asia (2) Afghanistan (3) Albania (4) Georgia (5) Iraq (6) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (7) Pakistan (8) Tajikistan

(C) East & Central Africa: (1) Burundi (2) Congo, DR (3) Eritrea (4) Ethiopia (5) Somalia (6) Sudan (7) Tanzania (8) Uganda

(D) West Africa: (1) Togo-Crisis (2) Chad (3) Cote d'Ivoire (4) Guinea (5) Liberia (6) Sierra Leone

(E) Southern Africa: (1) Angola (2) Botswana (3) Lesotho (4) Mozambique (5) Swaziland (6) Zambia (7) Zimbabwe

(F) Asia: (1) Bangladesh

(G) Latin America and Caribbean: (1) Cuba (2) Ecuador (3) Haiti (4) Peru

(A) Highlights

(a) Hurricane Dennis has severely affected 72 percent of Cuba's population, its basic services and agriculture. WFP has aproved an emergency operation to provide 45 days-rations to the most affected vulnerable groups in the central provinces.

(b) The WFP vessel on the coast of Somalia is still hijacked. The vessel carries 10 crew members and 850 tons of rice.

(c) WFP is providing immediate emergency food assistance to thousands of flood affected people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

(d) With emergency relief food assistance to flood affected people in Georgia still ongoing, WFP started 35 food-for-work activities which will help to rebuild infrastructure and mitigate future floods.

(e) Following an attack in a village in DRC, during which 39 people were burned alive and others fled, WFP prepared assistance packages for displaced people.

(f) The third phase of a WFP-led inter-agency cross-line operation, delivering food and non-food items by barge in Sudan's Upper Nile State, is underway.

(g) WFP is currently supporting and promoting the resettlement of thousands of IDP's in Liberia and Cote d'Ivoire.

(h) WFP has launched a regional emergency operation in order to provide continued assistance to the IDP's and refugees, who fled as a consequence of the political crisis following the elections in Togo.

(i) WFP is planning a fact-finding mission to DPRK's North Hamgyong and South Pyongan Provinces, affected by severe flash foods and landslides, to assess the potential requirement for WFP support to the 17,530 affected people, who have already received initial emergency food assistance through the government.

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