WFP Afghanistan: Situation Report 2 December 2021

Situation Report
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In Numbers

22.8 million people – half of the population -- will face acute food insecurity from November 20211 including 8.7 million at risk of famine-like conditions

3.2 million children and 700,000 pregnant and lactating women at risk of acute malnutrition

All 34 provinces are facing crisis or emergency levels of acute food insecurity.


• WFP aims to meet the food and nutrition needs of more than 23 million people in 2022. 2 To meet the task at hand, WFP estimates it would require US$ 220 million per month.

• In 2021 WFP has already assisted 15.4 million people, which exceeds the plan for 2021 and is 6 million more than 2020. This includes 5.6 million in November.• Snowfall has been reported across several provinces; WFP continues prepositioning food in areas where road access may be lost.