Vulnerability, Analysis and Mapping - Afghanistan: Market price heads up note (27th April 2020) Afghanistan main cities market price comparison of 27th with 26th April 2020


Key Highlights:

  • Main food commodities (Wheat, Wheat flour (HP) and Wheat flour (LP) show a declining trend, but still significantly higher compared to 14th March 2020.

  • The average Wheat flour (HP & LP) in the main city markets are significantly higher by 18% and 23% compared to 14 March, Wheat price is also higher by 17.0 percent for the same period.

  • Cooking Oil is significantly higher by 23.0% compared to 14th March.

  • Pulses prices are significantly higher by 12% compared to 14th March.

  • Rice (HQ & LQ) are 3 and 7% and Sugar higher by 8% compared to 14th March.

  • The purchasing power of casual labor and pastoralists (ToT) are significantly deteriorated by 19% and 12%, respectively, due to wheat price increase and decreased wages compared to 14th March.