USAID/Afghanistan Program Highlights, March 16 - March 31, 2011

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Sub-District Six Manager Increases Service Delivery in Kandahar City’s Zor Shar Area: Following the successful completion of 13 community stabilization grants (CSGs) in Kandahar City’s sub-district six, USAID’s Local Governance and Community Development project worked with the sub-district six manager and local wakils (leaders) to extend programming into the Zor Shar area. In preliminary engagements with the wakil and USAID, representatives from the villages of Bismillah Jan, Noor Mohammad, and Hajji Salih Mohammad aired grievances concerning the poor state of their main roads. Currently, these roads generate high amounts of dust during the summer and become flooded and muddy during the rainy season, disrupting vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Community representatives met with the sub-district six manager in late January to sign grant agreements for three CSGs. The grants were designed to improve road conditions by funding construction and rehabilitation activities that included 650 meters of drainage, 95 concrete slabs for drainage cover, 70 meters of sidewalk, and 730 meters of road gravelling, while generating approximately 2,300 person-days of employment. In March, the community of Bismillah Jan Village completed its project and the communities of Noor Mohammad and Hajji Salih Mohammad reached 50 percent completion. Through these CSGs, the sub-district six manager is putting into action Hamkari de Kandahar Lepara - the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s plan to build stability in Kandahar City through improved local governance.