USAID FrontLines – September/October 2013

from US Agency for International Development
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About FrontLines

Insights from Administrator Rajiv Shah

These Docs Aim to Save Moms' Lives Many Times Over

Saving Lives Profile: Stopping Post-Partum Bleeding

Saving Lives Profile: Pinpointing Preeclampsia with a Simple Red Dot

Saving Lives Profile: Que Vivan Las Madres, Long Live the Mothers

Saving Lives Profile: Senegal's Mother Mentors

Podcast: Saving Lives at Birth -- Up for the Challenge

On a Higher Mission: University “Development Labs” Accelerating to Answer World’s Toughest Challenges

A Mobile Banking Revolution in the Making

Your Voice: Rwandans Bank on Banking as Avenue to Greater Gains

Ventures in Innovation

Ventures: Stickers to Save Lives

Ventures: Bringing Rural India on the Grid

Ventures: A Powerful Platform for India's Front-Line Health Workers

Ventures: Franchising Human Waste in Kenya's Slums

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