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UNICEF surveying Afghan children's problems in Tehran

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UNICEF began a survey on Afghan children's problems here on Wednesday.

In a meeting on the issue, the Afghanistan Charge de Affaires to Tehran Abdol-Ghafour Arezoo said that during the last three decades three generations of Afghans immigrated to Iran and based on statistics there have been more than one million of them residing here.

He said 130 thousand Afghan students are studying in Iran today and lack of residence card for them is one of their problems.

Arezoo continued "30 years of war in Afghanistan left 80 percent of the schools demolished and two million students study at outdoor classes in my country."

He also said that 50 percent of 6 million students in Afghanistan are deprived of all academic opportunities.

The UNHCR representative in Iran, too, said "10 percent of Afghanistan's population live in Iran today, and in other words, one 35th of Iran's current population are Afghans."

Austin Brawni said organizing one million refugees is not an easy job, adding, "The Afghan refugees here have urged the Iranian policy makers and planners to shoulder a great deal of work for their sidence, occupation, schooling, and repatriation."

Director of UNICEF Bureau in Tehran, Christian Salazar, too, said during the meeting that there have been many meetings with the heads of schools at which Afghan students study in Iran, as well as the IRI Education Ministry and also civil societies' representatives to find a solution for the problems with which the Afghan kids are entangled today.

He added UNICEF has allocated a separate budget for Afghan children's education, especially in the province of Sistan-o-Baluchestan.

The 1-day meeting focused on considering Afghan children's problems was held here Wednesday in the venue of the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Bureau in Tehran.