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UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia COVID-19 Situation Report No. 14 for June 11 – 25, 2020

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  • South Asia region experienced a significant spike with a total of 322,059 new cases reported during the reporting period. This represents an increase of 63% compared to the previous period with the cumulative total reaching 833, 435 confirmed cases and 21,061 deaths.

  • In its report ‘’Lives Upended’’, UNICEF South Asia has warned that without urgent action the lives of 600 million children in the region are at risk as the Corona virus and its socio-economic impact threatens to wipe out decades of development gains on children’s health, education and other priorities secured over the past 25 years and futures are uncertain to reach full potential.

  • An estimated 115,000 health workers (41% of target) have benefitted from the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPEs). With the increasing rates of health workers getting infected the PPEs are critical in protecting them to ensure continued services.

  • A total of 600,000 people including children, parents and care givers (49% of the target) have received community based mental health and psychosocial support services from UNICEF and partners.

  • UNICEF and partners in the region have engaged an estimated 94 million people (91% of the target) have been engaged through risk communication and community engagement using various platforms and networks across the region.

  • A total of 14 million people (61% of the target) with critical WASH services and supplies as part of infection prevention control with 3 million people reached during the reporting period.

  • An estimated 2 million health care providers (88% of target) have been trained to detect, refer and manage COVID-19 cases in children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. Similarly, in collaboration with government and partners, UNICEF has reached 7.8 million women and children with essential health care services including immunization, prenatal and postnatal care.