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UNHCR Afghanistan: Official Crossing Points Status Weekly Update - as of 16 September 2021

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• The Border was open from 7:30 - 15:30 (KBL Time) for outflow and inflow movement of pedestrians as well as for cargo trucks from both sides of the border. UNHCR's monitoring partner staff is physically present at the border, however, female staff continue work from home.

• On 13 September, the Taliban authorities banned the movement of small smugglers, known as “Lagharies” who smuggle goods to/from Pakistan.
Reportedly the Taliban authorities informed the Lagharies that they should stop their movement at least for four days because of the presence of a large number of people who were waiting for hours to cross to Pakistan. The Taliban reportedly informed the Lagharies that they will discuss with the Pakistani authorities to find an alternative solution i.e., to establish a separate line only for the cross-border movement of Lagharies. Since this announcement, movement of Lagharies was suspended.

• As per an official notification by the Taliban authorities on 7th September addressed to the Taxi drivers, the Taxi drivers are authorized to transport those who are only from Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan and Zabul provinces to Spin Boldak. They asked the Taxi drivers to not transport people from other provinces to Spin Boldak. Despite the official notification and restriction on the travel of people from other provinces to Spin Boldak, Taliban are flexible and allow people of other provinces to travel to Spin Boldak.

• The Pakistan General Consulate office in Kandahar is functional since 04 September but hasn't been issued any visa.

• The immigration office on the Spin Boldak side remains closed since 06 September and people cross into Pakistan without an exit stamp in their passports. The latter group are those people who obtained visas in the past.

• The overall situation in Spin Boldak remains calm and the majority of the markets, trades, and businesses were open. The main road between Kandahar - Spin Boldak road is open for all sorts of movements.