UNFPA, CO Afghanistan: News Update, 17 Jul 2005

1. UNFPA assists MoPH to initiate Reproductive Health Commodity Security Situation Analysis

UNFPA assists MoPH technically and financially to initiate Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) situation analysis at the National level this year. This initiative started on July 18th, 2005 as part of the agreed Annual Work Plan between UNFPA and the MoPH for this year.

UNFPA has sponsored an international consultant having enough experience in this field who will assist MoPH in this situation analysis to find out about how to address the gaps to be identified by the working team, and come up with recommendations of the analysis to help in putting in place a proper/standard logistics management system of Reproductive health commodity security at the National level.

During the initial two days, UNFPA team and consultant met with Deputy Minister of MoPH, Director of Logistics/MoPH, UNICEF, European Commission (EC), Ibn-e-Sina (a national NGO implementing BPHS in several provinces). The team has also a plan to meet with other donors and implementing/involved agencies such as World Bank, BRAC, MSH-REACH, MSI, WHO, AFGA and visit Mazar-e-Sharif, Bamian, Nangarhar and Panjsher jointly with Ministry of Public Health, to improve further quality of the analysis.

2. UNFPA Supported Production of a Quiz Show on "Equality" to be broadcasted on coming Friday

UNFPA provided technical and financial support the Afghanistan National TV to produce a TV Quiz Show on the theme of the World Population Day i.e. Equality this week. The programme is recorded on Tuesday, 16 July 2005 and will be broadcasted on Friday, 19 July 2005 in the evening. The show focuses on gender equality, early marriage, women's access to reproductive health services and information, and their empowerment to have access to economical opportunities and political participation.

A short stage show produced by the Afghanistan National TV artists focused on early marriage and continuation of girls' education is part of the show.