Toolkit on Afghanistan’s NPPs, SDGs, and Triple Nexus (August 2020)

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Danish International Development Agency (Danida) Funds Used to Conduct a Study on Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals and Triple Nexus

The study was conducted by SAMUEL HALL, to examine where and how DACAAR should align its strategy with the Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), National Priority Programs and the Triple Nexus.

The triple nexus is a continuation of long-running efforts to link Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD), going a step further to link these with the aim to end conflicts. Adding the peacebuilding side to the organization’s efforts, will shift it from being the double nexus of humanitarian-development aid, to triple nexus with peace being “the third leg of the triangle”.

“The study resulted in the development of a toolkit, which will help DACAAR and other NGO partners to identify the linkage of Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals, with their interventions and how to contribute to peacebuilding in Afghanistan through their work with Afghan communities. It also reveals where the gaps are and how organizations can further contribute to fill them.” said Shah Wali, DACAAR’s Deputy Director. For more, please find the report in the below link: View