The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan more than doubled its seed multiplication program in Afghanistan

Peshawar, January 15, 2003 - During 2002 the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) more than doubled its seed multiplication program in Afghanistan. In one year the SCA distributed 1,300 metric tonnes of improved wheat seeds compared to 550 metric tonnes in 2001.
13,500 farming families (more than 95,000 people) in 16 districts in northern, eastern and southeastern Afghanistan benefited from the programme.

In the present situation in Afghanistan, after four years of severe drought in many parts of the country, when a lot of farmers have not been able plant their lands there is an even greater need for the distribution of improved seeds. There is an enormous deficit of seeds for planting in many areas in Afghanistan.

The seeds distributed have been produced through SCA seed multiplication farms and by more than 250 contract growers.

The SCA Agriculture programme also distributed 10 metric tonnes improved rice seeds to farmers in northern Afghanistan and 10 metric tonnes of maize seeds to farmers in the east.

In addition to the improved seeds the SCA agriculture extensionist offer the farmers professional agricultural advice to improve their farming practices. This includes information regarding the best time for planting different varieties of seeds, on how much and what kind of fertilizers to use, weeding practices, irrigation and the safe use of pesticides.

EURONAid and Forum Syd fund the SCA seed multiplication program. The SCA has been involved in seed multiplication and extensionist services projects in Afghanistan since 1989.

For more information please contact:

Borje Almqvist, Information Officer
Information Unit, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
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