Summary Report on Investigation of Causes and Factors of Trafficking in Women and Children

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Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission based on Article 58 of the Constitution has the duty and mandate to monitor the human rights situation in Afghanistan. Also based on Article 21 of the Law on the Structure, duties and mandate of the AIHRC, it is one of the fundamental duties of the AIHRC to monitor the situation of and people’s access to their fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Therefore, the AIHRC released a research report in which the causes and factors of trafficking in women and children in Afghanistan is studied. In recent years, the trafficking in women and children has already acquired a global dimension. Almost all the countries in the world are involved with this horrible crime. Today, millions of people worldwide continue becoming victims of trafficking in person in various ways. Trafficking has become a lucrative business generating about 42.5 billion dollars profit annually for the professional traffickers in persons. Based on the estimates by the International Labor Organization (ILO) despite the improvements made in the area of fighting with the crime of human slavery, more than 12 million people are trafficked each year worldwide for variety of purposes such as forced labor, abuses and sexual assaults.