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The situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and security - Report of the Secretary General (A/73/902–S/2019/493)


I. Introduction

  1. The present report is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 68/11 and Security Council resolution 2460 (2019), in which the Secretary-General was requested to report every three months on developments in Afghanistan.

  2. The report provides an update on the activities of the United Nations in Afghanistan, including political, humanitarian, development and human rights efforts, since the issuance of the previous report, dated 28 February 2019 (A/73/777– S/2019/193).

II. Relevant developments

  1. Developments in the peace and electoral processes continued to dominate the political environment. The electoral management bodies finalized the results of the October 2018 parliamentary elections after months of delay, and a new parliament was inaugurated for the first time since 2011. New commissioners were appointed to the Independent Election Commission and Electoral Complaints Commission, and both Commissions began preparations for the 2019 presidential election, the date of which was postponed to 28 September. The Government held a large consultative meeting aimed at forging a national consensus on peace, and a planned intra -Afghan dialogue, intended to include both Government and Taliban representatives, was postponed following disputes over participants. The Government accelerate d its anti-corruption efforts and took steps with regard to justice sector reforms. The security situation remained volatile, as both the Government and the Taliban announced new offensive operations. The overall number of civilian casualties decreased significantly, driven mainly by a drop in suicide attacks, while civilian casualties from aerial and search operations and non-suicide improvised explosive devices continued to rise. The humanitarian situation remained serious, with continuing high levels of displacement caused by both conflict and natural disasters, alongside major returnee flows from the Islamic Republic of Iran.