Afghanistan + 1 more

SIGAR Quarterly Report to Congress, April 30, 2022



This report summarizes SIGAR’s oversight work and updates developments in reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan from January 1–March 31, 2022.*

During this reporting period, SIGAR issued 11 audits, evaluations, and other products assessing U.S. reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. In this period, SIGAR criminal investigations resulted in two criminal informations (a prosecutor’s allegation of a crime, as distinct from a grand-jury indictment), one criminal complaint, and two guilty pleas.


This quarter, SIGAR issued two performance audit reports, two evaluations, one inspection, and five financial audit reports.

• The first performance audit report is an unclassified version of an October 2020 report that recommended U.S. intelligence advisors coordinate with their Afghan counterparts to more thoroughly vet potential recruits to the Afghan air forces.

• The second found that DOD did not retain required records and did not adequately measure the effectiveness of its effort to recruit and train women for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).

• The first evaluation analyzed the current status of U.S. funding for reconstruction in Afghanistan. SIGAR found USAID and State had accounted for most of their obligated funds in FY 2021.

• The second assessed the steps USAID and the World Bank took to implement SIGAR’s 2018 recommendations for managing the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund. It found improvements were made in monitoring and oversight.