SCA constructs health clinic in inaccessible village

from Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
Published on 30 Jan 2013 View Original

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan completed construction of a new building of Comprehensive Health Clinic (CHC) in Farashghan, a remote village in Daulat shah district of Laghman and handed-over to the Directorate of Public Health of eastern Laghman province.

The contraction project of CHC building comprising 32 rooms and a delivery-room was awarded in 2010 to another contractor but the company after a year left the project incomplete finding it difficult to carry out the construction work.

SCA with support of local people launched the construction work in mid-2012 and succeeded to complete the building in December-in a record time of six months, with a cost of 9 million Afghanis.

Farashghan is inaccessible remote mountains village located in North-west of Daulat Shah District. Engineering unit of Rural Development Programme (RDP) used animals such as donkeys to transport construction materials to the site.

In past, residents of Farashghan village were deprived of healthcare facilities and they were moving their patients to Mehtarlam Public Health Hospital, but now with newly constructed CRC they will have access to all comprehensive healthcare facilities.

Officials of Laghman Public Health Directorate appreciated SCA for the construction of CHC and an appreciation letter was awarded to the engineering unit of Rural Development Programme (RDP) of SCA.