Research Methodology Note: Shelter and Winterization Support to the Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items (ES/NFI) Cluster - AFG2003a - April 2020


Project Objective

This overall project will provide UNHCR and the Emergency Shelter and non-Food Items (ES/NFI) Cluster with up-to-date evidence-based information on the 2019 Cluster Winterization response, in order to inform the Cluster’s future Winterization strategy in terms of implementation, coordination, and beneficiary satisfaction.

General Objective

This assessment will evaluate the effectiveness of the Winterization response across Afghanistan, producing an analysis which answers key research questions at four levels; Household: to understand the impact and satisfaction level of the assistance, for beneficiaries and using non-beneficiaries as a control group, as well as understanding the remaining needs of both groups.
Community: to assess how community dynamics are effected by the response. Organizational/institutional: to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the implementing organisations and the ES/NFI Cluster in the response.
Macro: to analyse the context of the response by focusing the effectiveness of the coordination process