Relief Solutions established a crisis coordination center

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Relief Solutions has established a crisis coordination center in order to assist NGO's with the recent terrorist events that have occurred within the United States. The purpose of the coordination center is to assist humanitarian organizations in preparing and responding to the increased risk and potential danger to their staff and programs as a result of the recent terrorist attacks. Additionally the coordination center will allow NGO's to proactively prepare for the possible backlash expected to the U.S. reprisal. It is critical for NGO's to maintain the capability of identifying, assessing and responding to situations throughout the world as they occur. While humanitarian organizations must continue their regular tasks of managing the humanitarian effort, it is imperative that precautions and control measures be emplaced in expectation of the upcoming events.
The coordination center website currently provides recommended instructions for NGO's with operations overseas as well assessments of regional situations around the world. The coordination center is freely available to all NGO's. The assessments are updated 24 hours a day as a result of gathered information from various sources as well as forwarded information from NGO's. (

Relief Solutions, is a non-profit, charitable organization with offices in the UK and Washington D.C. area. The organization was established to assist other NGO's in improving the security of humanitarian relief operations throughout the world. Relief Solutions is available to assist NGO's with security management concerns to include assessments, training, coordination, planning and crisis response. Relief Solutions encourages all NGO's who wish to participate to coordinate with Relief Solutions at (703) 869-4671, or at